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Adam F Stross


Landline: +356 203 41 638
Mobile: +356 9957 8337
Mail Private:: contact@adamstross.com
Mail Company: as@stjulians.com.mt

Mobile CY: +357 99 774 146
Mobile PL: +48 513 1000 77

Teams/Skype: adam.stross@ibs-portal.com
Facebook Private: www.facebook.com/adamfstross
Company Facebook:: www.facebook.com/STJTechCon

Internet Private:: www.adamstross.com
St. Julians TechCon Ltd: www.stjulians.com.mt

Twitter: https://twitter.com/adamstross


St. Julians TechCon Ltd.

48, Triq Stella Maris,
SLM 1765, Malta

Office administration:
Phone: +356 203 41 638
Accounting: +356 213 777 00
Internet: www.stjulians.com.mt
Mobile / Mail directly

Mobile: +356 9957 8337
Mail: as@stjulians.com.mt


I offer advice and assistance in the management of the company in accordance with EN 16114 Management Consultancy Services in finance, distribution and marketing. My business partner Adam Grom offers a full range of advisory services in the field of production technology (with specialization in chemical; especially petrochemicals)

Phone: +356 9957 8337
Mail: contact@adamstross.com
Internet: www.adamstross.com


I am committed to backing outstanding entrepreneurs with the necessary resources. I typically lead financing rounds ranging from € 0.2 million to € 5 million. Besides capital, I work with entrepreneurs to help them on their journeys. Entrepreneurs can access my entire team and my global network of relationships.

Phone: +356 9957 8337
Mail: as@stjulians.com.mt
Internet: www.stjulians.com.mt


I invest or mediate together with partners in equity investments such as attractive startups, acquisition of companies for resale and projects in emerging markets such as agriculture projects in Africa, infrastructural projects and PPP businesses.

Phone: +356 9957 8337
Mail: as@stjulians.com.mt
Internet: www.stjulians.com.mt


If you plan to take over a company or to establish cooperation with companies in Eastern Europe right for you will guide economic intelligence and advising on local law piloting your project. We are licensed investigators and auditors.

Phone: +48 42 288 8070
Mail: investigation@allseasons-ibs.pl
Internet: www.allseasons-ibs.pl


I'm the editor and co-publisher of the internet magazine "POLSKI EURO BIZNES"; I describe the problems associated with “tax cheaters” in the market of Eastern Europe and authorities from abusing the law by destroying entrepreneurs.

Phone: +48 42 288 8070
Mail: redakcja@polski-euro.biz
Internet: www.polski-euro.biz


Are you planning to introduce your product to retail chains in Eastern Europe I am able to perform the procedure. The biggest retail chains are within my reach, and can be your distributor. The promotion is also effective.

Phone: +48 42 288 8070
Mail: distribution@allseasons-ibs.pl
Internet: www.allseasons-ibs.pl

Polish magazine Euro business in Poland

Press Officer (Spokesman) Poland

Jacek Owczarek
Phone: +48 533 118 791; Mail: jacek.owczarek@rzecznik-prasowy.pl
Internet: www.rzecznik-prasowy.pl

Legal representation & Tax Adviser Malta

Dr Werner & Partner
48, Stella Maris, Tas-Sliema, SLM 1765, Malta
Phone: +356 213 777 00; Mail: info@drwerner.com.mt
Internet: www.drwerner.com.mt

Legal representation Poland

Kancelaria Adwokacka Wojciech Górski
Ul. Zielona 25/5, 90-602 Łódź, Poland
Phone: +48 42 632 30 55; Mail: kancelaria@zielona25.pl
Internet: www.zielona25.pl

Tax Adviser Poland

Kancelaria Prof. Dr hab. Henryk Dzwonkowski
ul. Nowa 50, 90-030 Łódź, Poland
Phone: +48 42 676 20 39; Mail: kancelaria@poltax.pl
Internet: www.poltax.pl

Tax Adviser United Kingdom

Incisive Accounting
57-59 Beak Street, London, W1F 9SJ, UK
Phone: +44 208 434 7000; Mail: enquiries@incisive-accounting.co.uk
Internet: www.incisive-accounting.co.uk

Legal Tax Service United Kingdom

The VAT People
Charter House, Norbury Street, Stockport, Cheshire, SK1 3SH, UK
Phone: +44 333 3634 402; Mail: enquiries@thevatpeople.co.uk
Internet: www.thevatpeaple.co.uk

Legal representation Germany

Rechtsanwälte Bornholdt & Ferwerda
Olvenstedter Straße 13, 39108 Magdeburg, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 391 – 734 60 30; Mail: info@bornholdt.info
Internet: www.bornholdt.info